Friday, October 2, 2009

"Women's lib" from down under

What do you associate with the term " Women's Lib"?

If I were to go ahead and list some on your behalf, I'm guessing the list will include equal pay, the glass ceiling, sexual harrasment, and reproductive rights, perhaps?  I may have wikied that up; incase you were wondering.
Although what I'm about to discuss may seem far more frivolous than the issues listed above, I do believe it symbolizes the accepetance, or non acceptance rather, of us women for the package we are. Incase you haven't already guessed, I'm about to discuss "Grooming - down under".
Seriously, don't you think every woman out there that is in a relationship, detests having to get a bikini wax every single time she decides to get it on? Of course she does! Its just that she chooses to represent it with other seemingly more important issues of gender inequality, that's all.

I was going through a copy of the Femina ( fiiiiiine! guilty!!) once, and was surprised to find an excerpt from the Kamasutra that spoke about how women back in the day, when the book was written I'm assuming, did'nt have to "groom" themselves in order to, er.. attract the opposite sex, shall we say? Yup! They had the luxury of presenting themselves just the way the were - hair n all. On the contrary it was the men that had to do their nails, their hair .... the works, in order to entice their women!
Yup! lucky dames those (sigh)!! Imagine not have to sit through painful hair removal (waxing, plucking, tweezing, painfully yanking off from the root) sessions... Ha! So much for learning from history.
I wonder what kicked off the reversal of the order of things? Like, was it this dame who decided she was totally jobless and said " now that I'm done braiding my serpentine "head"hair, how about finding more hair to groom? " I mean, seriously, ... what was it?
And for those out there that have been contemplating grooming your thingies for a while now, it is infact puzzling, don't you think? It requires a whole lot of an effort to begin with, and even if you do decide to take the plunge, there are just so many options. Do you take it all off , or keep parts of it on and trim it, shape it like a heart may be, or color it (remember that sex n the city episode where in Samantha colors her's red?), or worse still -straighten it!
I remember the time when curls were in (and I am refering to head hair here by the way). Every girl out there wanted locks... and curls...or a perm. For a while now, it has been the "straight" season, well atleast w.r.t. hair it has!! Every girl I know owns a straightening iron, and a ceramic one at that. So what makes you think that this hot dame, having painstakingly straightened her (head) hair out, all ready for the kill, would let her " downward"curls give her away? Hell no! Which in all likelihood implies that ceramic irons from now, are going to have to configure themselves into a whole new contraption! Sorry to gross you out. I am kinda grossed out, myself.
Considering that metrosexual's the word being bandied around offlate , I might be unfair in saying that this still is just the plight of us women in today's world. But where I come from, (a reasonable amount of ) chest hair is still a symbol of masculinity and most men out there still flaunt it. As a matter of fact, I find appropriatly thick chest hair kinda sexy too, and I can't stand men with shaped eye-brows..... Ewww!
Either ways, the point I'm trying to make here is - all you guys out there, don't have to go through all the torture we've been through for, let's see, centuries? now? We being the forgiving kind, are willing to overlook your extreme insensitivity toward us and are willing to spare you the brunt of your actions; provided, you to return the favor!!