Thursday, June 2, 2011

If Walls Could Speak........


There is something mesmerizing about a blank wall.
All the more so if it happens to be an accent wall, aloof from the other run of the mill ones that safely merge with their perpendicular friends to form a boring corner.
"I can carry off a bold shade of red with utmost ease, but don't you dare push it!; it warns when you try to hang a piece of unnecessary art off of it. "I am art" the snob quips.
Come wall decals, and it's a whole other story! The snob all weak kneed tries hard to maintain decorum....."Ahem, Ahem!".

An accent wall with the right decal - "A sight for sore eyes!"
The key word here is "right",  for in the decal world, it's a thin line that separates classy from corny.
If you didn't already know, Wall Decals are vinyl stickers that go up on the wall  directly.
Hmmm...I know what you're thinking...don't you worry, they come off clean. If that doesn't convince you enough, may I add that "They Are In". Fine! I agree that was a bit of a stretch, but how about this one -"It won't break your bank!" (Look for group coupon / deal of the day websites).
Oh! And they are pretty :)
And  since a picture is worth a thousand words, I shall let them do the talking...

A great way to add a touch of  "baroque" ( yes, baroque is back) to your interiors:


For those of you that harbor a fascination for cityscapes, "I hear ya!"...                                                                                                                               

Told ya! The snob caved in.......                                                                                                             

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                  Happy "Decal-ing" people!

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