Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little less of me to love...

A pregnancy, three years, thirty bloody pounds, a closet full of fat pants, some obnoxious cellulite, a group of berzerk homones and a perpetual diet attempt later, I have decided to jump start my efforts at becoming a little less of me by going viral. Although "viral" is probably too strong a word in my case. It wasn't an easy decision, mind you. It comes with its gliches. I will have to grow immune to the dreaded "Soooooo; how's the whole weight loss thing coming along (snicker, snicker)?" question, that's bound to hit me at every party. And learn to deal with that constant "what if I fail after all this hype?" voice in my head - (worst place to be in, trust me). But, I plan to take one day at a time.

To begin with, I will be going on a juice cleanse diet for a week (baby steps). I find this is essential to shock my body which has now grown used to a somewhat perpetual low carb diet.
I shall treat this like a journal and shall record the entire process, including my "cheat" moments (if there are any). Feel free to join me in my journey. Please make sure you consult with your physician before you decide to do so.

I will need:
  • A juicer (you could use your blender and strain the juice, but I find that cumbersome).
  • To load up on fresh veggies and fruits. I prefer shopping at the local farmers market (Stiles- on Oakland Park Blvd). Yes, veggies, you will be juicing them too.
  • To ease into the diet by eating as many raw veggies and fruits with whole grain. That way it will be less of an adjustment for the body.*
*The following website is where I found all my info regarding the juice cleanse diet process:

Once I am done preparing for the cleanse, hopefully today, I shall begin by recording Day 1 on this blog. Until then, so long.

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